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CamperForce FAQs

Find answers to many frequently asked questions.

Campground Contribution

Is the campground contribution paid directly to the camper or the campground?

Amazon will pay the campground directly.

Can I choose to stay wherever I want?

No, you must stay at a participating campground during your assignment.

Is the campground contribution considered taxable income?


Is the $550 offered by Amazon to cover campground costs per person or campsite?

The campground contribution is paid per campsite.

Are all expenses included in the campground price list?

Every campground handles utilities, guest and pet fees differently. Please contact the campgrounds for their policies on additional expenses.

When can I check in and out of my campground?

The CamperForce campground contribution will include a period of 2 days prior to your start date and 2 days after your last shift ends.

Assignment Details

Are there any other start date options available?

The dates listed are the only ones available at this time. An announcement will be made to applicants if additional dates are offered.

Can I transfer from one assignment to another mid-assignment?

No, buildings need your support for the full duration of the listed assignment. If there are alternative end dates offered for your chosen assignment, we will let you know.

Application Process

I need help with my password, who do I contact?

Follow this link to contact our applicant support team:

The application says that the position is listed in Seattle but I want to work in a different location.

The main application is tied to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. Later in the process, you will be able to select the location and start date of your choice.

I’ve applied but didn’t have the option to choose a location.

If you have previously worked for Amazon, your rehire eligibility will need to be verified. Upon verification, you will receive an e-mail with a customized link to apply.

Can I be added to a “wait list” for a location that is full?

No, there is no wait lists but announcements will be made to current applicants if additional opportunities are made available.

If I decide I want to change assignments and I move backwards in the process, will I be at risk of losing my previous choice?

Yes, if you withdraw from an assignment, that opening will become available for other applicants to choose.