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Amazon Warriors

The faces of our Amazon Veterans and Spouses

Amazon Warriors is made up of Amazonians who have served in their respective country's military forces, those who are still serving, and all Amazon employees who support them. The group's mission is to provide its members a professional network and a means to organize community outreach programs, to aid veterans during their transition into the Amazon workforce, and to be a resource for the Amazon Military Talent Partnership, which supports Amazon in recruiting top military talent.



Digital Specialist & Military Spouse

With my husband in the Navy, our family supports the mission and moves whenever necessary. Working virtually for Amazon has let me establish something that is mine and provides another support community.



General Manager &

Just like in the military it is fundamentally about making sure people are equipped and engaged to complete the mission.



Control Systems Specialist & Veteran

I like that at any time, I can reach out to the Amazon global network for support and answers to my questions.



Shift Manager & Veteran

We as veterans are full of honor and courage, put forth those values as an Amazonian and you will always be able to teach your peers what an outstanding team consists of.



Principal Product Manager, Veteran & Military Spouse

As aircrew I got to see over 84 different countries.



Data Center Logistics Associate & Veteran

Not only did the military teach me about team building, being mission focused, dedication and reliability but it has taught me how to have integrity and keep excellence as a priority in everything I do.



Operations Manager, Veteran & Military Spouse

Amazon has a very strong and extensive veteran community.



Senior Product Manager, Liquidation & Veteran

The values I learned in at the Academy and in the Army--Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage--helped me navigate both my military and civilian careers. The Amazon values are very similar.



Operations Program Manager & Veteran

At every level, Amazon gives us the opportunity to take ownership of work and processes. I learned discipline and the ability to look at problems from various angles from my 12 years in Naval Aviation that I took with me to Fulfillment Center floor.



Director, US Public Policy & Military Spouse

My role and tasks at Amazon change constantly to meet shifting and emerging priorities. My unpredictable and often challenging experience as a military spouse allows me to navigate these challenges and thrive in spite of them.



Area Manager & Veteran

This community is very well organized and put together with a bunch of veterans who really care to make a difference and seek out the best of the best.



Area Manager, Veteran & Military Spouse

The leadership I gained in the military has helped me be comfortable as an Area Manager. Talking to my 100+ team is easy when I already had the communication skills from being infront of a whole platoon.



Area Manager & Veteran

The veteran community here at Amazon is similar to a brotherhood or sisterhood. Overall senior leadership is extremely supportive, it's evident military talent is sought out and appreciated.



Facility Manager & Veteran

Without my military experience I would not be as successful at Amazon. The leadership, dedication, and discipline I learned in the military has allowed me to excel at Amazon.



Military Recruiter & Veteran

The community is a strong network and if i need support for events, job fairs or other things i can trust to my colleagues that I'll get support.



Security Intelligence Manager & Veteran

The veteran community is amazing. In my current center we have six veterans from all different services. It is truly remarkable how much Amazon cares about the military as a whole.