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Campus Success Stories

Campus Associates are at the heart of what we do, delivering the customer promise every day. Some are even taking it a step further, bringing their Amazon knowledge into a corporate role with Amazon. Read on to learn more about how one associate went from supporting our campus initiative to supporting global initiatives in a corporate role. Whether it's a job between classes or your chance to work with an innovative, global company, help Amazon continue to change the way the world shops. 


Eric, Campus Associate to Software Development Engineer

Eric started at Amazon as a software development engineer, and took an on-campus Amazon job at Purdue to get more exposure to the consumer side of our business. Hear what he has to say about his Amazon experience.

What did you enjoy most about your time working for Amazon Campus?

While working for Amazon Campus, I really enjoyed being in direct contact with our customers and having the ability to solve just about any problem they had. I also really appreciated having a leadership team that listened to ideas that we had and implemented them at the stores across the country.

How did working for Amazon Campus start your journey with Amazon?

I actually first started working for Amazon as a software development engineer intern in the summer of 2014. When Amazon was advertising positions for Amazon Campus positions at Purdue I had already accepted a full time SDE offer at Amazon starting after I graduated. As a software engineer intern in Amazon Web Services I didn’t get a lot of exposure to the consumer side of Amazon’s business, so I applied to the campus job because I really wanted to learn more about and what it was like to work in a non-corporate role at Amazon.

What did you find most surprising working for Amazon Campus?

I was really surprised by how much we are able to offer customers through customer service. I think some companies try to reduce costs by doing less for their customers in customer service, but Amazon really empowers you to do the right thing for the customer 100% of the time even if Amazon is going to lose money on that customer’s order.

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