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Warehouse Jobs in Denver and Aurora

Find a warehouse job in Denver and Aurora, CO

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What's it like inside an Amazon fulfillment center warehouse?


Amazon power

Powered Industrial Trucks (or PIT) are an important element of working at an Amazon non-sort facility. While previous experience with powered equipment is helpful, Amazon provides PIT training for all new associates.



Part-time flexibility

In a part-time job with Amazon, you can work a schedule that fits in with your life. With multiple schedule options available, you'll be able to work around the needs of your family, your class schedule, or even another job.


We are feeding cities all over the country with AmazonFresh grocery delivery and you’ll play a critical role in making this happen. We offer everything from cereal to ice cream – which means you will be working in a freezer environment for parts of your shift and in a refrigerated environment for at least 50% of your shift. Most of our associates will be in part-time positions and will be working up to 29 hours a week, while full-time associates work 40 hours a week with opportunities for overtime.