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Questions about your hourly job application? We have answers.

We know you've got questions. What happens next? When do I start? What should I wear?

We’ve made it easy to find the answers to the questions you may have about the hourly hiring process - just scroll down a little to see them listed below.

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My Application

How do I check the status of my application?
You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into your account at Your completed applications and their status can be found on the left hand side of the page or under the My Job Applications tab.

I received an email to schedule an appointment, but there are no appointments available. What do I do?
Appointments fill up quickly! Please continue to check your job page for future appointment openings. All available appointments will be listed in your job page, under the My Job Applications tab.

I received an email to ‘Continue My Application,’ but that link is not available. What do I do?
Does your ‘My Job Status’ say ‘Offer Extended’? If so, you’re good to go! You have already accepted your offer! If you scheduled an appointment, we look forward to seeing you there! If you did not schedule an appointment, no need to worry. Please continue to check your email for updates from our team.

My status says Pending Start Date, when will I start working?
You will be notified of your start date by email once there are openings available. The staffing needs at each site vary, so we are unable to provide a specific time frame as to when you will start work. We will contact you as soon as possible and appreciate your patience through this part of the hiring process!

How can I change my shift assignment?
You will be assigned a shift based on the availability you listed in your application when you applied. You can update your shift availability by logging into your account at Click on the ‘My Job Applications’ tab and then click on the link to edit your shift availability. You will be able to edit your availability as long as you are in an active status and have not yet been invited to schedule your New Hire Orientation. If you have been invited to schedule your New Hire Orientation and wish to request a shift change, please use the Email or Chat with Us options on this page to contact the candidate support team.
Note: If you request to change your shift after you have been invited to schedule your Orientation or are already scheduled for your Orientation, your invitation or Orientation will be cancelled and you will have to wait for Orientation openings based on your updated shift request.

The Hiring Process

What can I expect at the hiring event?
Qualified candidates will be invited via email to attend an Amazon Hiring Event. At the event, you can expect to learn about Amazon’s unique culture as well as why Amazon is a great place to work! These events provide a stronger understanding of the Associate positions by reviewing key aspects of the roles. Candidates will walk away from these events with a clear understanding of next steps as well as resources to ask questions along the way.

What should I wear to the event?
If moved forward in the hiring process, you may attend a hiring event at one of our Fulfillment Centers. If so, we ask that you follow our dress code policy. Our dress code is intended to allow comfort, while maintaining safety, security, and individuality. We encourage our associates to wear casual, comfortable and respectable clothing. For your safety, you must wear flat, rubber-soled shoes that fully enclose your foot.

Shifts & Overtime Requirements

What shifts are you hiring for?
All of our facilities hire for different shifts. When you fill out the application you will be asked which days of the week you are available to work, and if you are available days, nights, or both. If you are moved forward in the hiring process, your shift availability information will be used to assign you to a shift.

Could I switch shifts or locations after my start date?
Amazon has an Internal Transfer policy that allows eligible employees to apply for a shift and/or location change after 90 days of employment.


What is the pay rate?
The base wage for the position is located in the job description of the position in which you are applying. Amazon's compensation package may include additional forms of compensation such as variable pay, restricted stock grants, and shift differentials, depending on the position.

Is there a shift pay differential?
You may be eligible to receive a shift differential depending on the hours you are assigned to work. More details about pay rates will be discussed, should you be moved forward in the hiring process.

Is pay weekly or biweekly?
It depends on the position you are applying for. Generally Amazon Associates are paid every two weeks while Seasonal Associates are paid every week.

How often are pay raises given?
Currently, Amazon Associates are eligible for regular pay raises for the first three years of employment. The amount of the pay raise varies for each location. More information about compensation will be discussed at New Hire Orientation should you be moved forward in the hiring process.


Will I receive benefits?
Amazon offers comprehensive benefits packages for all Associates. More information regarding benefits will be discussed in greater detail further along in the hiring process.

General Employment Questions

Are there opportunities to grow with Amazon?
At Amazon we strive to provide an environment for attracting, retaining, motivating, and developing outstanding associates, and for developing strong teams. If you are hired with Amazon, talk with your manager about development activities that will allow you to do so. We also offer the Career Choice Program to full-time hourly associates to make it easier to pursue their aspirations.

I have a disability. Can you provide an accommodation to complete the job application and/or on the job?
All Associates must be able to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the basic qualifications, with or without reasonable accommodation. If you require a reasonable accommodation, please contact us to discuss your request at any point during the hiring process, including if you require a specific accommodation in the application process. The Amazon Disability Accommodations hotline can be reached at 866-437-9078. If you need an accommodation request for one of our events, please use the Email or Chat options on this page to notify us at least 72 hour prior to your scheduled event.

Can I take a job with a temp agency at Amazon and still be considered for a direct hire position?
If you are hired through the staffing agency while going through the direct hire process with Amazon, you will no longer be considered for the direct hire opportunity. Temporary associates may be eligible for conversion to an Amazon position when certain criteria have been met.

I am currently a temporary employee at Amazon through an agency. Can I apply for a direct hire position?
Unfortunately, if you are currently on a temporary assignment at Amazon through a staffing agency, we are unable to consider you for a direct hire position with Amazon. All current temporary associates must apply through the conversion process to be hired on at Amazon. Please contact your local HR team for information about conversion opportunities.


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