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Amazon hiring process

Learn how our hiring process works

When you apply for an hourly role at Amazon, the first thing you'll notice is that you don't need a resume.
Here's what to expect from the moment you click "Apply" to your first day on the job.



Your online application consists of providing some information about yourself, completing an online assessment, and selecting your preferred shift. After you finish your application you will get an email with a link for a 30-minute Virtual Job Preview, where you’ll learn more about your role at Amazon and the final steps before your first day. No travel required. Watching this preview is a required step in the process.

Tip: Many candidates find completing the online assessments to be easier with a laptop or desktop than on a phone.



After completing your Virtual Job Preview, you will attend an in-person 20-minute Office Hours appointment. When you go to this appointment, bring proof of your identity and employment eligibility. You don’t get paid to go to Office Hours, it is part of the application process.

Tip: Be sure to bring the proper I-9 identification.



After completing Office Hours steps, you will receive an email from KNET with instructions for your Online New Hire Orientation. During this online session, you’ll learn about what it’s like to work at Amazon, workplace safety, and proper attire to prepare you for your first day with Amazon.

Tip: You will also need to complete a few required documents so you can get paid during this step of the process. Check your email for instructions.


Day One


You will receive an email with schedule details. When you arrive to your first day at Amazon, you will dive deeper into the details of your work and learn important safety rules to keep you and your teammates in safe.

Tip: Wear the proper attire: close-toed shoes, no jackets or hoodies with drawstrings, no long necklaces, no hoop earrings, and have long hair pinned up or in a ponytail. 

Welcome to the Amazon team! We're happy to have you.



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