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In an emergency

U.S. Emergency Benefit Information and Recovery Resources

Find up-to-date, state-specific hurricane resources below:

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Employee Assistance Program at 1-855-435-4333 or go online to find other relief programs, including:

  • Crisis counseling for those traumatized by the disaster;
  • Income tax assistance for filing casualty losses;
  • Advisory assistance for legal, veterans’ benefits and social security matters.

If this is your first time accessing the EAP, use company code “AmazonEAP” to create your account.

Free virtual visits provided by Teladoc for those impacted by hurricane’s Harvey and Irma

Teladoc is providing a free general medical visit “hotline” to anyone - Teladoc members and non-members – affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma through dedicated hotlines:

  • Hurricane Harvey: Call 855-220-4585 or go online.
  • Hurricane Irma: Call 855-221-0370 or go online.

You can also call the Medical Advice to speak to a nurse for a free consultation:

  • Aetna members: 800-556-1555
  • Premera Blue Cross members: 877-995-2696
  • For those not enrolled in an Amazon medical plan: 888-434-9473

Important U.S. Benefits information during a State of Emergency

If you or your dependents are within an affected zip code during a declared state of emergency, please note the following about your Amazon health benefits:

Contact for more help or questions
If you have specific questions about your benefits during a state of emergency, please contact your health network:

  • Employee Resource Center: 1-888-892-7180
  • Benefits Service Center: 1-866-644-2696
  • Aetna, Group #868402: 1-866-574-9124
  • Premera Blue Cross, Group #4000083: 1-877-995-2696
  • Express Scripts Prescription Drug plan: 1-844-626-9387
  • Employee Assistance Program: 1-855-435-4333
  • Delta Dental, Group # 9013: 1-844-466-8847
  • Vision Service Plan (VSP), Group #1207753: 1-800-877-7195
  • Medical Advice Line: 1-888-434-9473

Eligibility and Enrollment Questions
Call the Benefits Service Center at 866-644-2696 if you think any of the recent emergencies affected your eligibility or enrollment status.

Medical Plans

  • Aetna and Premera Blue Cross have waived restrictions when you seek care from an out-of-network provider. If you require medical care, and cannot access in-network providers, they will allow services rendered at an out-of-network facility or by an out-of-network provider to process towards your in-network benefit level. This will limit any applicable coinsurance responsibility to 10% from the standard 30% cost share percentage.
  • If you are enrolled in Premera’s In-Network Only plan, you will not be restricted to using in-network providers. You are able to seek necessary care at any available in- or out-of-network office or facility, and you are not required to obtain a referral to do so.

Prescription Drugs
If you have lost or cannot access your medications, you can request an early refill from your retail pharmacy. Members will not be subject to early refill restrictions. 

Express Scripts mail-order prescription drug and Accredo Specialty drug shipments from are on-hold   through at least September 11th. If you are expecting a delivery, contact Express Scripts at 1-844-626-9387 to arrange for a refill at a retail pharmacy.

Vision Service Plan
Any VSP member who has lost or broken eyewear due to the hurricanes can call our Member Service Support Line at 800-877-7195 to have benefits reinstated, regardless of eligibility.

Note: Individuals without VSP coverage can contact their local Red Cross and request a VSP eye care voucher.