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CamperForce FAQs

Find answers to many frequently asked questions about being a work camper at Amazon

Campground Contribution

Is the campground contribution paid directly to the camper or the campground?

Amazon campground contributions are paid directly to the campground.

Can I choose to stay wherever I want?

You must stay at a participating campground during your assignment. The list of approved campgrounds can be found at

Is the campground contribution considered taxable income?

The campsite payment is not considered taxable, nor will you receive a 1099 from Amazon.

Is the $550 offered by Amazon to cover campground costs per person or campsite?

The campground contribution is paid per campsite.

If my campsite is less than $550, will I get the difference?

CamperForce will pay up to $550 per campsite paid directly to the campground.

Will the $550 cover all expenses like utilities or just the cost of the site?

CamperForce will cover expenses of your campsite that may include utilities up to $550 per month. Any campground expenses above the maximum Amazon campground contribution would be the responsibility of the camper.

Are all expenses included in the campground price list?

Every campground handles utilities, guest and other fees differently. Please contact the campgrounds for their policies on additional expenses. The campground listing should be your starting point in determining which campground has the amenities that will meet your needs.

What if the campground I choose from the approved list requires a deposit?

Campgrounds may require a refundable or non-refundable deposit based on their policy. If one is required, it will be the sole responsibility of the camper to make the required deposit.

When can I check in and out of my campground?

The CamperForce campground contribution will include a period of 2 days prior to your start date and 2 days after your last shift ends.

Can I move from one campground to another?

Yes, it is possible to move from one campground to another. We do ask if it is possible to wait until the 1st of the month to prevent any billing interruptions.  It will be your responsibility to contact the new campground to ensure availability and let your existing campground know of the move.  You must inform the CamperForce team once the move has been made.

Application Process

I need help with my password, who do I contact?

Follow this link to contact our applicant support team:

The application says that the position is listed in Seattle but I want to work in a different location.

The main application is tied to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. Later in the application process, you will have the option to select the location and start date of your choice.

I’ve applied but didn’t have the option to choose a location.

If you have previously worked for Amazon, your rehire eligibility will need to be verified prior to selecting your assignment. Upon verification, you will receive an e-mail with a customized link to continue your application and choose your assignment location.

Can I be added to a “wait list” for a location that is full?

At this time, CamperForce does not have a wait list for locations. If additional opportunities are made available in the future, announcements will be made to current applicants.   

If I decide I want to change assignments after I have already completed my application, will I be at risk of losing my previous selection/choice

Yes, if you withdraw from an assignment, that opening will become available for other applicants to choose. If you choose to withdraw from an assignment you are forfeiting that option/spot.  It will then be released to other applicants to choose from. 

Virtual New Hire Event

What is the Virtual New Hire Event?

The virtual New Hire Event (vNHE) is a required information session that all applicants must attend online after applying. You will be able to choose from a list of session dates that works best for you. Once you have chosen/scheduled your session date, be sure to mark your calendar and contact us before the event if a conflict arises. If you miss your vNHE, the system will automatically rewind your application to the assignment selection step and your previous assignment choice may no longer be available. 

What time is my VNHE appointment? 

All vNHE sessions are at 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST and 12pm EST. 

How do I log into the VNHE appointment?

You will receive an email 24 to 48 hours before the event with information on how to register.

If I have a travel partner, do we both have to log into the session from different devices?

Each travel partner must register for the event separately but can watch the presentation together. As long as one of the pair logs into the session, travel partners will be given credit for attending.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment for my vNHE session?

If you are unable to attend your VNHE, you will need to cancel the session you previously registered for.  You will then start the process of scheduling a new session.  Keep in mind, if you miss your vNHE, your application will automatically be reset to the assignment selection step of the application and your previous assignment choice may no longer be available. 

What if I won't be in town for the vNHE?

vNHE sessions are conducted virtually by logging on and viewing an online presentation.  There is no need to physically attend an event. 

Assignment Details

Are there any other start date options available then what is listed on the application?

All available dates are visible to you on your application.  If additional dates and/or locations become available, an announcement will be made to all applicants. 

Can I transfer from one assignment to another mid-assignment?

Once you complete your application, you are committing to that particular assignment.  If you choose to leave mid assignment, you will not be able to work another CamperForce assignment during the season.  At times there are extension of assignments offered. If that is the case, all Campers working in that building will be notified.  

Will I get to pick my shift or job function?

No, shifts and job functions are determined by each building based on the needs at the time of the assignment.  CamperForce will put traveling partners on the same shift unless otherwise directed by the traveling partners. (Traveling partners are defined as those traveling together in the same RV)

When will I know my shift or job function?

Your shift will be assigned to you 2 to 3 weeks prior to starting.  You will learn your job function at the New Hire Orientation.

Who do I go to for help with time off or my paycheck?

Each building has a HR team on site to assist you with time off inquiries, schedules, paychecks questions and more.  You can also contact the Employee Resource Center (ERC) at #888-892-7180 for any employee related needs 24/7.

Can I use PTO for my last day of work?

Paid time off is a benefit provided to Amazon eligible employees for a bank of hours in which they can take sick, vacation, paid personal time, jury and witness duty, bereavement, and holiday. CamperForce associates may use their accrued paid time off benefits in accordance with Amazon policy. There are no CamperForce program restrictions on use of paid time off. Please see your local HR team for site specific guidance regarding paid time off usage.




How do you apply to CamperForce?

Learn more on the CamperForce home page