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CamperForce FAQs

Assignment Details: Are there any other start week options available then what is listed on the application?

All available dates are visible to you on your application. If additional dates and/or locations become available, an announcement will be made to all applicants.

Assignment Details: Can I transfer from one assignment to another mid-assignment?

Once you complete your application, you are committing to that particular assignment. If you choose to leave mid assignment, you will not be able to work another CamperForce assignment during the season. At times there are extension of assignments offered. If that is the case, all campers working in that building will be notified.

Assignment Details: Will I get to pick job function?

No, job functions are determined by each building based on the needs of the business at the time of the assignment. You may be asked to do multiple job functions within your working season. Associates may be trained and required to operate carts, dollies, hand trucks, order pickers as well as other powered industrial trucks or heavy machinery during the Amazon CamperForce assignment. Applying for CamperForce positions require you to be available for any job function.

Assignment Details: Do I get to pick my schedule?

No, shifts are determined by each building based on the needs of the business at the time of the assignment. CamperForce will put traveling partners on the same shift unless otherwise directed by the traveling partners. Traveling partners are defined as those traveling together in the same RV and both working for CamperForce. Applying for CamperForce positions require you to be available for any shift. (Please see Part Time specific questions)

Assignment Details: When will I know my shift or job function?

Your shift will be assigned to you 1 to 3 weeks prior to starting. You will learn your job function on your first day onsite.

Assignment Details: Does my application count for me and my traveling partner?

No, if you have a traveling partner that wishes to work for Amazon CamperForce, they must complete their own application from start to finish.

Part Time: How many hours/shifts will I work in a week?

You are required to work a minimum of 4 sorts per week. The maximum number of sorts you can be regularly scheduled is 6 per week. You will be regularly scheduled 4 hours for each sort; however, depending on volume, your scheduled sort(s) may flex up or down by up to 1 hour. Although the maximum number of hours per week is 30, there will be opportunity for Voluntary Extra Time throughout our busiest seasons.

Part Time: How many hours will I work each day?

You are regularly scheduled 4 hours, but depending on volume, may be flexed up or down up to 1 hour. With the flex call, the minimum number of hours you may work is 3 and the maximum number of hours scheduled per sort is 5. You may be scheduled up to 2 sorts per day, not to exceed 12 hours in one day or 30 hours in one week (Unless Voluntary Extra Time is available and you volunteer).

Part Time: Will I be required to work more than 30 hours per week?

No, the number of hours you are required to work will be dependent on the number of sorts you are regularly scheduled. You may have the option to choose to work Voluntary Extra Time if the business offers it. However, it will not be mandatory to work over 20 hours in a week.

Part Time: Can I volunteer to work extra time, over 30 hours per week?

Business need may present the opportunity to work extra hours and ask for volunteers. However, these are not guaranteed nor mandated.

Part Time: Am I eligible for an Assignment Completion Bonus?

Yes, Part Time associates are eligible for the Assignment Completion Bonus. If you complete your entire assignment, your total hours worked will be calculated. $0.50 will be paid for each hour worked in a week up to 40 hours and $1.00 for hours worked in a week over 40 hours. Overtime is not guaranteed.

Part Time: Will I receive CampPay to contribute towards my campground expenses?

Yes, CamperForce associates working will receive $120.00 on their weekly paycheck to go toward their campground expense. Residing in an RV and an area campground for the duration of the assignment is a requirement of the CamperForce program.

CampPay: Is the campground contribution paid directly to the camper or the campground?

Amazon pays participating CamperForce associates ‘CampPay’, not the campground in which you reside in.

CampPay: Can I choose to stay wherever I want?

Yes, you may choose what nearby campground you would like to stay in. Residing in an RV and an area campground for the duration of the assignment is a requirement of the CamperForce program.

CampPay: Am I required to advise CamperForce of my campground arrangements?

No, you are not required to advise CamperForce of your campground arrangements.

CampPay: Is the CampPay on my paycheck considered taxable income?

Yes, this is taxed at the same election amount that you have listed on your W-4.

CampPay: How much do I get paid for CampPay?

You will be paid $120.00 on your weekly paycheck.

CampPay: How will I know if I am receiving CampPay on my paycheck?

This payment will be listed as ‘cfcamppay’.

CampPay: What if I decide to leave my assignment before my assignment is over?

The CamperForce CampPay will be prorated per day and paid for 2 days after your last worked shift.

CampPay: What if my campground costs more than what I am receiving for CampPay?

Any campground expenses above the CampPay allotment, will be your responsibility.

CampPay: Are all expenses included in the campground price list?

Every campground handles utilities, guest and other fees differently. Campground research of the area should be your starting point in determining which campground has the amenities that will meet your needs.

CampPay: What if the campground I choose requires a deposit?

Campgrounds may require a refundable or non-refundable deposit based on their policy. If one is required, it will be the sole responsibility of the camper to make the required deposit.

CampPay: When can I check in and out of my campground?

The CamperForce CampPay contribution will be prorated per day and paid 2 days prior to your start date and 2 days after your last worked shift.

CampPay: Can I move from one campground to another?

The camper is solely responsible for managing their campground stay, including moving between campgrounds.

CampPay: Does my traveling partner receive CampPay?

All campers hired and working for the CamperForce program will receive CampPay.

Virtual New Hire Event Video Presentation: What is the Virtual New Hire Event?

The Virtual New Hire Event (vNHE) is a required information session video that all applicants must view prior to completing their application. This includes pertinent information regarding the job assignments, what it’s like to work at Amazon and CamperForce specific benefits.

Virtual New Hire Event Video Presentation: Do I have to watch this video?

Yes, this video shares very important information to help you decide if this is the best option for you.

Virtual New Hire Event Video Presentation: When do I watch the Virtual New Hire Video?

This video will be a part of your application.

Virtual New Hire Event Video Presentation: How long is the Virtual New Hire Video?

This video is approximately 10 minutes in length.

Application Process: I need help with my password, who do I contact?

Follow this link to contact our applicant support team:

Application Process: The application says that the position is listed in Seattle but I want to work in a different location.

The main application is tied to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. Later in the application process, you will have the option to select the location and start week of your choice.

Application Process: I’ve applied but didn’t have the option to choose a location.

If you have previously worked for Amazon, your rehire eligibility will need to be verified prior to selecting your assignment. Upon verification, you will receive an e-mail with a customized link to continue your application and choose your assignment location.

Application Process: Can I be added to a “wait list” for a location that is full?

At this time, CamperForce does not have a wait list for locations. If additional opportunities are made available in the future, announcements will be made to current applicants.

Application Process: If I decide I want to change assignments after I have already completed my application, will I be at risk of losing my previous selection/choice

Yes, if you withdraw from an assignment application, that opening will become available for other applicants to choose. If you choose to withdraw from an assignment you are forfeiting that option/spot. It will then be released to other applicants to choose from.

Assignment Completion Bonus: How do I earn the Assignment Completion Bonus?

You must work your entire assignment length.

Assignment Completion Bonus: If I have to leave my assignment early, do I get my bonus?

No, if you do not complete your entire assignment, up until the last required shift, your bonus is forfeited.

Assignment Completion Bonus: How much is the Assignment Completion Bonus?

Assignment Completion Bonus: $.50 for each regular hour worked and $1.00 for each overtime hour worked after assignment ends. Overtime regulations vary per state. Please see your local HR for a definition of overtime at your location. Overtime is not guaranteed, including for Part Time positions.

Assignment Completion Bonus: When will I receive my bonus?

Assignment completion bonus are typically paid out on your last paycheck. At times, this can result in a separate direct deposit after your last paycheck.

Assignment Completion Bonus: How will I receive my bonus?

Your Assignment Completion Bonus will be paid via your normal pay method, such as direct deposit.