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Take charge of your future
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Take charge of your future

Unsure about your future after graduation?

Choosing what to do with your life after high school can be daunting! If you’re undecided in your future plans, or maybe want to save up some money before heading off to college, then it’s time to consider Amazon as a potential employer. We have a variety of positions available across the country that could allow you to earn some cash while you’re in school with our flex scheduling, or work full-time after high school if that’s what you want to do.

There are so many great things about working for Amazon. Just a few of them include:

  • Benefits that start on day one, including medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Paid time off and holiday pay. Accrue paid and unpaid time off throughout the year, and be eligible for time and a half if you work on one of Amazon’s six holidays
  • 401(k) savings plans with company match
  • Career Choice, Amazon's tuition assistance program, where we will pre-pay up to 95% of tuition fees for courses at accredited schools in high demand fields of study
  • Discounts on Amazon purchases.
  • Career growth at an exponential pace: the opportunity to move to management after just two years of full-time employment

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Going to college

Going to college!

So you’ve decided that you’re going to college – that’s awesome! If you think you’ll want to earn some extra cash while studying, check out our flex scheduling options available at most Amazon. We work around your schedule to make sure you can attend all your classes, as well as have time for school work and for fun.

If you’re going to concentrate on your studies for the next few years, then consider our fellowships and internships; they’re a great way to learn about our company and decide if you’re interested in working with us. Even if they aren’t for you, we would love to keep in touch and continue this conversation at the appropriate time to help you pursue your professional goals.

Amazon’s global team is growing every minute and we would love to hear about the skills and experience you bring to the table after graduation!

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Interested in learning more? Let’s keep in touch!

School Administrators

Partnering with High Schools and Community Colleges

Amazon is partnering with high schools all over the nation to create customized programming to benefit both your school and your students. Our High School & Community College Program focuses on Amazon being present at your school through a variety of different manners, like setting up a table at lunch, attending Career Days, sending in guest speakers, being present at sporting activities, and conducting interview and resume writing workshops. These activities allow us to engage with your students on an informal basis and discuss the two career paths available at Amazon (local and corporate). Our aim is to connect with the students and hopefully give them a new skill to take home at the end of the day.

While we love to discuss corporate culture and opportunities with your college-bound students, our program also provides an option to those students who are unsure about life after graduation. If they choose to join our Amazon team, benefits start on day one and after one year of employment they are available to take advantage of our Career Choice Program that offers tuition assistance.

If you think your district, school or community college is interested in joining forces with one of the world’s biggest retailers, please contact us. We’ll follow up with you as soon as we can!