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Amazon PIT Equipment

Learn more about forklifts, lift trucks, and heavy equipment at Amazon fulfillment centers

What is PIT equipment?

Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) play a critical role in many Amazon fulfillment centers. These vehicles allow team members to reach products on high shelves or move items that are too bulky to carry.

No prior experience with PIT equipment is needed and Amazon provides training on using it safely and securely.

Take a look at how PIT equipment is used at Amazon

An Amazon team member operates a turret truck in a fulfillment center

Lifting a pallet of products with a turret truck

Transporting pallets through the warehouse on a center rider

An associate prepares safety harnesses before entering the aisle on an order picker

An associate uses an order picker to safely reach products

A forklift loads and unloads freight from trailers as well as transports pallets throughout the warehouse

What is PIT equipment?

PIT equipment includes walkies, reach trucks, stand-ups, clamp trucks, and order pickers, some of which will reach extended heights.

Do I need experience?

No prior experience with PIT equipment is needed.

Will I be trained on each type of equipment?

Yes, Amazon provides training on using it safely and securely. Even if you already have PIT experience, all PIT operators will complete Amazon's PIT training, regardless of prior experience or training.

What if I don't feel comfortable operating PIT equipment?

Our PIT opportunities may not be right for you, but you can review other warehouse opportunities here: Find a warehouse job

Are you ready for on-the-job training on PIT equipment?

Find a warehouse job

Not all warehouse positions require using PIT equipment