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New Amazon sites launching soon.

New Amazon sites launching soon.



Working at Amazon already has its advantages. Many of our jobs come with great benefits – including healthcare, parental leave, ways to save for the future, and opportunities for career advancement – all in a safe and inclusive environment that’s been ranked among the best workplaces in the world.

But when you start with Amazon in a brand-new facility, there are extra perks to consider.

Schedules. You often get early access to the best shifts, giving you the advantage to choose from schedule options that work for you, for your schedule, for your life.

Convenience. You’ll work at a location nearby, which means less time commuting, more time at home. And don’t forget we offer commuter benefits on Day 1.



Community. When you start with an all-new team, you’ll be forging new friendships with people form your community and creating new team dynamics with common goals for success. At Amazon, work friends equal work families.

Activities. We create a culture of fun through family-friendly team events, and other competitions and games. And we always include cool gear and swag unique to your new site, your new career.


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"Working here, I get to pay my bills, meet a lot of new friends, and I’m just really happy right now.” ~ Alyssa



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